What’s the Difference Between American and British Humour? (escort related)

People could spend lots of time exploring and analyzing the differences between American and British comedy only to come to the conclusion that, in an ironic way, they are quite similar. This is exactly the subject we are going to discuss in the following. Therefore, for finding out more interesting stuff continue to read this article.


When it comes to humour, we can say that there is actually one cultural myth that will definitely not die. Even though it is different around the world, in some countries is very similar. These days, people enjoy most types of humour, from the one that they hear at self-appointed social commentators to stand-up comedy shows and comedy movies. Probably the only difference between American and British humour is that Americans do not do so much irony as British comedians. An English ironic comment will most of the times be met with a quite perplexed smile by an unwary American. We will give you an example so that you understand better what we are talking about. Check out this short conversation between two individuals, one American, and the other one British.


B: ‘’I couldn’t come to see you last week because I had to go to my grandfather’s funeral.’’

A: ‘’I’m sorry to hear that.’’

B: ‘’Don’t be. That was actually the first time he ever paid for the drinks.’’

A: ‘’I see.’’

As you can see, the American person couldn’t immediately register the need to bury emotion under humour. When Americans use irony, they most of the times qualify it as being so, with a funny ‘’just kidding’’, no matter the situation. This is something that British don’t do, they will leave you to think whatever you want.  The idea is that no matter what type of joke Americans will do, they will always come with this extra ‘’just kidding’’ and they will laugh about it. On the other hand, in England, the humour involves lots of irony. However, this doesn’t mean that Americans don’t appreciate the irony. They do, even though they started to understand it in the past few years. They say that this is actually just a different approach to life.


Another difference is that you will often see Americans laughing quite loud, clapping around, cheering hands, as well as empathising more unconditionally. This is something that British don’t usually do. They are a bit more reserved and that’s why their humour is also different, even though in essence is similar. For a better understanding we strongly recommend you to go to a stand-up comedy show in the United States and in the United Kingdom as well. After watching a show like this we are sure that you will understand exactly what we are talking about. Furthermore, watching some comedy movies will also allow you to see the difference between American and British humour. As a recommendation, if you decide to go to America, then in case you are a single man, in order to make the most of your time spent there, keep in mind to hire an escort. In the US, escorts are very beautiful and charming, and clients can pay them for various services. They can pay them for sex or they can pay them for accompany them to all sort of events. Anything you decide to do, you will certainly have an unforgettable experience.

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