Legendary Comedy Clubs in the US

There is no doubt that the US is an absolutely magical place where you can never get bored. If you decide to visit it at some point, then we highly recommend you attend one of the many comedy shows that take place across the state In order to make the right choice, have a look at the following legendary comedy clubs in the United States.

Second City, Chicago

If you plan a visit to the beautiful Chicago, then you need to go to Second City. The famous location opened in 1959, in the city’s Old Town neighborhood, and it was founded in the beginning as a place where Viola Spolin could teach as well as develop what later became the Theatre Games. The theatre has groomed over time thousands of notable graduates, such as Steve Carell and Bill Murray. If you attend any of the shows from here, we guarantee you that you will see a future star and sometimes even famous actors who started their career in this place.

The Improv, Los Angeles

This comedy club is located on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. The place still maintains the iconic, comedy-staple brick wall, and the legend say that Jay Leno himself helped paint the ceiling. There are many comedians who worked at The Improv and later became famous, such as Daniel Baldwin, Leslie Moonves, Judd Apatow, and even Jim Carrey. Therefore, if you decide to visit LA at some point, then you must definitely need to book a ticket at The Improv in order to experience something truly new and memorable.

The Comedy Store, Los Angeles

Also in Los Angeles, you will find The Comedy Store, which was opened by comedians Rudy DeLuca and Sammy Shore, in 1972. The location was originally a 100-seat theatre, where the first young comedian who performed was Johnny Carson. In 1973, his wife took over the store, bought the entire building and expanded it into a massive 450-seat club. The renovations led to some problems and comedians were actually left unpaid for their work. However, today, The Comedy Store has regained its reputation as a top comedy club, where visitors can see famous actors performing, such as Andy Dick, Tim Allen, and more.

Carolines on Broadway, New York

This is one of the most recognizable stand-up comedy clubs in the whole world. It was first opened in New York, in the Chelsea neighbourhood to be more precise, by Caroline Hirsch. The opening year was 1981, and it was a real success from the beginning. Later, the location moved to South Street Seaport, where it gained even more recognition with the TV series called Caroline’s Comedy Hour. In 1992, it moved again, this time to Times Square, where it is today a 300-seat auditorium. In case you haven’t heard of Carolines, you will certainly be impressed after attending a show here.


Any of the above comedy clubs are legendary in the United States due to the fact that many nowadays famous actors started their career there, and due to the fact that they are still highly appreciated these days. A vacation in the United States is not complete without attending a comedy shot at any of these fantastic locations.

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