How Acting Can Actually Get You Started in Comedy

Being a comedian doesn’t only involve having talent. There are other important aspects as well that anyone who has such a goal must take into consideration. We will show you in the following some pointers you must be aware of when started out.


There is no doubt that your training is a head start. All comedians share the same skill set that includes timing, stage, presence, as well as a way with words. They somehow know how to stand, and most of the times they do it instinctively. When starting stand up, these aspects of basic stagecraft will definitely come in handy. Therefore, seriously take them into consideration. As a comedian you are used to working with words and as a result you certainly have a better feeling for the rhythms of the English language, even more than you actually realise. This is an excellent advantage when it comes to writing your material. At the beginning, your aim is to have a good 5 minute, then 10, and in the end a good 20. You will most probably have good ideas for your first 5 minutes, but it is quite difficult to maintain the interest for 20 minutes. This comes with experience as well as talent.

In order to improve your skills and catch the audience’s attention, you must do two important things. First of all, you need to write very well, and second, you must gig a lot. One of the advantages of stand up instead of acting is that it is a lot easier to be pro-active in comedy as well as get stage time. Therefore, make the most of that. However, if your dream is to act in comedy films, then stand up could be the perfect start to gain experience and highly improve all your skills. Also, with stand up you don’t have to wait for that excellent part to come your way. You can write your own material that suits you best, and you have the option to choose what you want to say and also how you want to say it, and everything in front of an audience. Once you start gigging, the magic key to success is word-of-mouth. It is only through gigging that you will be able to hone your material and your talent as a comedian. More than this, this is also the perfect way of searching for other gigs.


Even if you feel the fear you must do it anyway. If you forget any line, then improve. This is an essential skill that any actor must have. The creation of a unique comedy person is a must. You should create one that can hold the audience’s attention for about half an hour. If there is any comedian that you admire, then choose that person. By doing so, you will increase your chances of standing out from the crowd. Keep in mind that a good comedian can make even mediocre material seem hilarious. Just be positive and follow your dream no matter how many obstacles you have to pass. Remember, that the most famous actors of our times were rejected for lots of times before they actually reach the success.



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